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White Crane
Super-G All Colors Enhancing Food
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A very special high protein granular food added with high concentration of PSB and Spirulina, formulated to enhance every color on all kinds of fish, such as blue, green, black, platimum, yellow, etc. PSB and Spirulina will give all kinds of fish their natural color. Fish color improvement will be noticed in 7 days period. This food is most suitable for small size fish as neons, cardinals, tetras, rasboras, guppies, fighting fish, cichlids, and all kinds of small fish.
Ingredients: Fish meal, Shrimp meal, Wheat Gluten, Fish liver powder, Yeast, Egg powder, Milk powder, Spirulina, Fish oil, Vitamins, PSB (150cc per 1 kilo food), Spirulina 5%, Enzymes, Lactic bacteria, Ethoxyquin.
Guaranteed Analysis:
● Crude protein > 60%
● Crude fat > 10%
● Crude fiber < 1%
● Moisture < 8%
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