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Chicken/cod sandwich cuts
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The product is mainly made of fresh chicken meat, with special additives for improving coat shine, as deep sea fish oil DHA and EPA, that soften blood vessels, promote blood circulation. It's also rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids of vegetable oil (that absorbs better than animal oil), vitamins and dietary minerals that meet the needs of your beloved pet. The nutritions are digested in stomach, absorbed in intestines and slowly transported to skin's each hair root, gradually making the fur shine into silk-like coat.
Ingredients: fresh chicken meat, codfish, wheat flour, sodium, vegetable oil, potassium sorbate.
Puppy - 1-2 pcs per day divided 1 -2 times
Small (up to 10kg) - 2-3 pcs per day divided 1 -2 times
Middle (10-27kg) – 4-5 pcs per day
Big dog (above 20kg) - 5-8 pcs per day
Always provide fresh water accessible to dog.
● Crude protein > 75%
● Crude fat > 3.0%
● Crude fibre < 0.5%
● Crude ash < 5.0%
● Moisture < 18%
Caloric value: 342kcal / 100g
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